Have you ever...

learned by viewing other people's HTML source? Do you remember when we used to be able to tinker with the Web by just viewing the source, copying, pasting, and tweaking some HTML? What the hell happened??? Why has the Web gotten so complicated? Can we not use the latest in Web tech while maintaining the simplicity of Web 1.0?

What if...

you could make dynamic and interactive Web pages and Mashups by putting together simple and discrete parts like Lego bricks? What if you could do this by using just simple HTML and no Javascript? What will you make today?

RSS Mashups?

More to come...

What is a...

Constructible HTML

A constructible HTML page is your everday HTML page with a twist; it adds a few extra meta tags as well as a few special attributes to a group of div tags that each map to a discrete part.

To the developers, these additions make highly dynamic and interactive HTML pages simpler to test, maintain, extend, and reuse. To the others, they make an otherwise complex mixture of advanced technologies such as Ajax, DOM, Javascript, etc.., more tweakable, and repurposable.

Click here to learn how to make your HTML constructible or browse the Gallery for examples. You can also download a blank Constructible HTML and build one from the ground up.

Javascript Part

A Javascript part is Javascript that has been cleanly packaged, such that it can be tweaked, and repurposed by anyone who has knowledge of HTML.

Packaging your javascript as a part makes it not only simpler to test, maintain, replace, extend, and reuse, but also usable. Usable not only by other developers, but also by those who do not know Javascript!

Click here to learn how to package your Javascript as a Part or browse the Parts Catalog for examples. You can also download a blank Javascript Part and write your javascript as a part from the get go!

We want to...

make the Web a better platform for the makers. The Web should be a platform that makes making software not only a more iterative, understandable, and robust process, but also a more meaningful and enjoyable one for novices and experts alike.


Making is a basic human right, and the process through which we both empathize with the world, and embody knowledge. We are fighting for this right. You should join us in this movement, and make your Website constructible!

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